Antarctica shapefile download

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Antarctica shapefile

The GLIMS dataset provides platform-independent GIS shapefiles of glaciers worldwide, including some from the Antarctic Peninsula. Polygons for ice covered parts of the Antarctic that are not explicitly mapped as To use this data in an OpenStreetMap based map download the shapefile. Download Free Antarctica Country, Cities and Places ESRI ArcGIS Shapefile map layers.

Year-round ice shelves fringing Antarctica. About Generalized from 10 million ice shelves, which derive from Mosaic of Antarctica. Abstract: NOTE - the shapefile representing Antarctic Conservation Biogeographic Regions (ACBRs) available from this record has been superseded by the. million measurements have resulted in the release of the highest available resolution digital elevation model (DEM) covering Antarctica., suitable for Osmium, Osmosis, imposm, osm2pgsql, mkgmap, and others. This file was last modified 12 hours ago and contains all. Quantarctica is a collection of Antarctic geographical datasets, such as base maps, satellite imagery, glaciology and geophysics data from data centres around. The Antarctic Digital database (ADD) is a compilation of medium scale topographic data for the continent of Antarctica. It is derived from a wide. Quantarctica is a collection of Antarctic geographical datasets which works with the free, cross-platform, open-source software QGIS. It includes.

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